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Back To Reality

Ouch! This is my first week off from my three-weeks summer vacations, and getting back to reality is such a hard task!

I started relaxing softly on the second week of August staying alone with my boyfriend at the beach house. That was fantastic for everything but the fact I had no coverage for my net connections. So, instead of posting and sharing I put all my talents in the kitchen and two kilos on him… that’s what I call appreciation folks!!!

My two weeks off the civilian world passed away not really fast through bathing and reading and cooking and loving and varnishing my nails. Obviously, I avoided getting too tanned, because the Wrinkle’s Monster is always just around the corner and I I’m reeeeally afraid of him! Ouch!

Then the third week came, so we got to Ischia an Island near Naples and Sorrento, on Naples’ Gulf. This area has one of the biggest concentrations of Michelin’s starred restaurants in Italy, so just have a look at the gallery, but only if you already had your lunch!

The final blow?

My boy discovered his credit card had been cloned and someone was traveling with his money.
My daddy’s car, that he lent us for the trip, got the engine almost melt and we had to be rescued by a tow truck on our way home.
I found 500 mails on my outlook back at the office on Monday morning. And there wasn’t written Welcome Home!

What did I learn from this trip?

Take all the best whenever you can, because the worst… it knocks on your door without an invitation! Ouch! 🙂

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Style Stealer: A Walk With Reese Witherspoon

Style Stealer: A Walk With Reese Witherspoon

Hi people out there! I’m in my first hours of summer vacations and I’m searching for some ideas to dress these next days!
I’ll stay three weeks out of the office and I won’t have to freeze for the icy air-conditioning, so green light to mini skirts! 🙂
What do you think of this simple outfit worn by Reese Witherspoon?
She just chose basic pieces and matched’em according to the color wheel‘s rules.
The simplicity of these items allows everyone to steal this look with such a little moneyColor wheel Reese_… seeing is believing! Click on the items to find out their prices!

Ciao Gente! Sono nelle mie prime ore di ferie estive ed alla ricerca di idee da indossare nei prossimi giorni!
Sarò tre settimane fuori dal mio ufficio e non dovrò morire di freddo a causa dell’aria condizionata, quindi via libera a gonne e gonnelline! 🙂
Che ve ne pare di questo semplice outfit indossato da Reese Witherspoon?
Ha scelto pezzi basici, combinandoli secondo le regole della ruota dei colori.
La semplicità degli indumenti permette proprio a tutte di rubare questo look senza spendere tanto.. provare per credere! Cliccate sugli articoli per scoprire quanto costano!