Seasonal Trend or Copycatting?

Seasonal Trend or Copycatting?

Just a little reflection on the Spring / Summer 13 trends… we got flowers, checks, lines and colours, and we can positively say that fashion spreads as a pyramid from the top to the ground, sometimes with successful results. So, we can find a Vuitton inspired checkered yellow coat, with perfectly minimal cuts and good finishings at an affordable price at Zara, or a MSGM insipred striped and flowered shirt..always at Zara… Do you think it’s the seasonal trend that every brand tries to decline in its own way or just a copycatting work they do on one another?
The point is if the value of design remains the same when reported on another brand, the one which did not create the “original piece”.
After a long reading of the article “Making the case against fast fashion collaboration” on, I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter if you wear Vuitton or Zara, since it’s HOW you wear it that makes the difference, but after all you are wearing that Zara because it looks like a Vuitton… so the two brands are satisfied: the first grows in terms of sales and the second remains a luxury brand which name continues to grow in success and for which products, time by time, young people and adult people and old people will continue to long for.
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