Juicy Orange!

Juicy Orange!

You know what? I’ve never liked too much jumpsuits, till I saw this Alexander McQueen piece that looks more similar to a dress. I really like it, and since I’m also missing the orange juice from my garden’s oranges, and I’m about to finish my lunch break and I have no fruit to eat, I’ll share with you this fashion juicy orange coloured outfit!

 Sapete una cosa? Non ho mai amato molto le ‘tute’, finché non ho visto questa di Alexander McQueen, che assomiglia più ad un vestito. Mi piace molto, e siccome mi manca molto anche il succo d’arancia fatto con le arance del mio giardino e sto per terminare la pausa pranzo  e non ho frutta da magiare, condivido con voi questo outfit succoso e colorato d’arancio!


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