This Oscar De La Renta dress is something fabulous and I’ve tried to make it fall into reality! The colour red on this magnificent chiffon skirt calls to my mind the contrast between the delicate touch of a fairy princess and the real woman in her.. it’s so simple to transform a Miss Gentleness in a troublemaker! Give her this McQueen studded clutch and golden high heels and she will set fire to the party!
Questo abito di Oscar De La Renta é favoloso, quindi ho cercato di restituirlo alla realtà! Il rosso sulla magnifica gonna in chiffon richiama il contrasto fra la delicatezza di una principessa delle fiabe e la donna che è in lei.. è così semplice trasformare Miss Gentilezza in una combina guai! Datele la clutch borchiata di McQueen ed il maxi tacco dorato ed incendierà la festa!

2 thoughts on “Troublemaker!

  1. Miss Uschi

    This is just fantastic! Perfect!!!! I’m kind of speechless. 😉

    The dress is really amazing and I love the golden heels! Maybe I would have chosen another clutch, but this one is also great!

    As I already said – amazing outfit!! 🙂


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