The new season is making me romantic! I’ve always loved flowerprints and flared skirts, then I just discovered this fantastic site, Polyvore, where you can create amazing looks with a click and you have a thousand possibilities for matching items! Wow, that’s exactly what I was searching for my “style workouts”! Hope you enjoy it! 😀

La bella stagione mi rende romantica! Ho sempre amato le stampe floreali e le gonne a ruota, poi, ho trovato questo fantastico sito, Polyvore, dove si possono creare meravigliosi look in pochi click e ci sono migliaia di abbinamenti possibili! Wow, è esattamente quello che cercavo per i miei “esercizi di stile”! Spero apprezziate! 😀


3 thoughts on “Lovefool

  1. Miss Uschi

    Now that I’ve found your blog I’ll definitely give you feedback on your upcoming looks! 🙂

    Just love to do that – so I can’t wait for it! And I love your blog and the idea of it. Giving inspiration and helping to find some great outfits. Keep it up! 🙂

    1. annaflow Post author

      Thank you Miss Uschi! It seems we got the same tastes in terms of style and colours! The goal I want to achieve with my blog is to suggest good outfits to my readers and to give them inspiration, so I’m really pleased to read this kind of comments!
      Please, continue to give me a feedback on the next looks I’ll publish!


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