I’m (not?) a Barbie Girl


…Life in plastic is no more fantastic! The artist who created the girl behind the make-up is Eddi Aguirre and he’s definitely a genius! I think that probably nobody has ever thought that Barbie could be a girl with oily skin, bags under the eyes and frizzy hair… well now it’s done and we can feel a bit relieved and even have more faith in cosmetics! This is the evidence that being beautiful is not always a natural gift and that, eventually,  it has to be pursued, so our way is self improvement! …Then … yeah, she will always be a total knockoUt for her perfect body, but for now let’s gloat over her! 😀

…La vita di plastica non è più fantastica! L’artista che ha creato la ragazza dietro al make-up è Eddi Aguirre ed è assolutamente un genio! Penso che probabilmente nessuno abbia mai pensato che Barbie potesse avere la pelle grassa, le borse sotto gli occhi ed i capelli crespi.. beh ormai è fatta e possiamo sentirci tutte un po’ sollevate ed continuare ad avere fede nei cosmetici! Questa è la prova definitiva che la bellezza non è sempre un dono naturale e che, anche in quel caso, va coltivata! …Poi..si, Barbie avrà sembre un fisico da schianto, ma per ora godiamoci un po’ la rivincita! 😀



2 thoughts on “I’m (not?) a Barbie Girl

    1. annaflow Post author

      Hi! I’ve read your article and I found it really interesting, I agree with you, it’s not good tho se babies acting like women and wearing clothes that are inappropriate for their age. On the other hand, I don’t think they got any fault for this, for it all depends on the parents that should protect their kids and let them free! Thank you so much for the time you dedicated to write your comment, and for the interesting themes you deal with!


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